AKA: Lord Dragon, Grandpa, Old Fossil
Origin: Unknown, Darkstar Realms
Author: Aywren
Age: Unknown (ancient)
Gender: Male
Race: Arweinydd
Height: 6′ 4”
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair Color: Fiery Opal-White
Eye Color: Teal Laced with Silver
Occupation: The Eldest Brother of the Trine, Arweinydd to the Nefolian world
Date of Birth: He celebrates it on August 1

Very little is known about the history of Zemi Dreigiau other than the fact that he was a Patron Guide during the time of the Nefolian World in the Darkstar dimension. He is the older “brother” of Zeni, Zazo and Zerom(us). He is also the second Bonded to AsaHi, and father of KluYa.

Arweinydd are not earthly creatures – their origins and state of being are still as of yet a mystery. For the most part they hold themselves apart from the “Earthians” (those who are bound to live upon a terrestrial planet) and are strict about their kind not intermingling with these creatures. Zemi, however, has a mind and will of his own and he took it upon himself to go against all protocol.

His first physical manifestation in an Earthian realm was to the girl, AsaHi. Zemi grew quite affectionate towards AsaHi… and in later years upon the world of Runne, he watched over AsaHi, her Bonded SoYa, and their child FuSoYa. After the death of SoYa, before his defeat at the hands of Luccious, Zemi returned to the Runnian world to be Bonded to AsaHi and fathered his son, KluYa.

His spirit lay dormant for many years after his defeat and he was thought to be “dead”, though his works were continued through his son. It wasn’t until the final defeat of Luccious, the revealing of Sygnus and the destruction of all the Crystals of the Blue Planet that Zemi’s essence grew in strength until he once again could return to the living world…

Zemi fancies himself as quite the life of the party. Indeed, he has an openly friendly and fun-loving demeanor towards just about anyone and adores having company to share the good times with. In fact, he seems to suffer a good bit if left to himself for too long. He enjoys nothing more than a night out on the town at his favorite hangouts – good times, food, drink and music he can never get enough of.

At the same time, there is a chaotic streak in him the size of infinity. Though he possesses great loyalty and honor,  often he has his own reasons for the things he does that no one else is aware of. In battle, he tends to fight hand to hand – and his great agility and inhuman strength tends to offset any normal disadvantages one might have.

-Zemi’s true strength and skills have as of yet been untested and remain undefined. There seems very little that is outside of his abilities in the realms of magic and battle. He is primarily a user of mental power and mystical arts, though he also possesses great strength and agility during physical battles.

-When he’s feeling particularly nasty or playful he can take on the form of a white dragon. The size of the dragon ranges depending on the situational needs at hand.

Other than the fact that Zemi is an Arweinydd…? Or so everyone thinks.

Drei’Llafn~ Zemi’s Dragon Blade… an ornate and powerful flaming sword that can transform into a long-hafted bladed-lance.

AsaHi’s Ring~ A tiny gold ring with a lock of white hair knotted around it. Zemi keeps it hung around his neck on a faded piece of twine.