AKA: Tyrant, The Zeb Log, Zeblez, Big Bad Black
Origin: Mysidia, Bluestar Realms
Author: Syntyche
Age: Late 20’s, early 30’s..?
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human-Lunar
Height: 7’2″
Weight: 300 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Green
Occupation: Ex-Tyrant/Leader of the Dark Forces of Baron
Date of Birth: July 27

Golbez “Zeb” Ya is the firstborn half-Lunar son of KluYa and Miran, brother to Cecil, and dimensional twin to Golbez Benjamin Ya. Although much of his past is shrouded in mystery, it is known that he did spend his childhood growing up amongst the common people of Mysidia. Being forced to hide much of his otherworldly talent was difficult for Zeb, and he often felt as if he was held back by the secret of his alien heritage. This ultimately led to him leaving his home to be free from the influence of his father.Sometime in his late teenage years, it is known that he did come to the service of Zemus and Dr. Lugae, and slowly fell under the influences and hatred of his master. Slowly, the innocent and carefree nature of Zeb was twisted into the hard, cold image that became the Destroyer of Nations, and Dark Lord of Baron. It was only when he was freed from the control of Zemus by FuSoYa, that Zeb returned to his senses, although his soul still bears the heavy scars of his dark servitude.

Unlike Ben, Zeb has an almost warlike nature and attitude towards others around him. Slow to trust, but quick to anger, Zeb hides a deep pain and sorrow behind his shield of intimidation. Most of his anger and sorrow is directed towards his father, for he holds deep resentment due to the path that he followed. However, deep inside, he knows that he is responsible for the steps which he walked. Whether he is to embrace this is yet to be seen.

Oddly enough, Zeb is also rather uncomfortable at great heights, and does not enjoy flying at all.

-Master of the Dark Sphere of Magic: Zeb knows all Black Magic spells as listed in the FF4 game, plus many abilities that were not fully explored in the game.

-Infused with Dark Matter, Magics of the White Sphere tend to be resistive at best. Cure and Heal spells do not work on him. This also makes him very weak to offensive White Magic, such as Holy.

-Endowed with minor telepathy and psionic powers, which allow him to speak through thought, just as many of the other Lunars.

-On the recreational side, he enjoys kite-surfing, and swimming.

Zeb hides the fact in the outside world that he is Golbez, the Dark Tyrant. Like his father, he finds himself hiding behind a number of secret identities to hide his heritage and past.

“Unnamed”~ Spear-ended polearm crafted while in the service of Zemus, it is his weapon of choice when fighting hand-to-hand.

Zeb’s Hair Feathers~ A small feather pendant that Zeb wears in his hair. This was given to him at the age of thirteen, as part of the ceremony of Manhood customary in Mysidia.

Zeb’s “Tyrant” Armor~ The dark armor worn by Zeb during the War of Nations, is a scar that so far, he has not been able to rid himself of. Made of pure Dark Matter of Zeromus, the armor itself is bonded symbiotically to his flesh. While he can retract the armor at anytime, small grafts remain across his body as a reminder that the darkness is always there.