Zazo's Wolf Form (Click!)

AKA: Lady Zazo, Snowstorm, Snowflake
Origin: Unknown, Darkstar Realms
Author: Syntyche
Age: Unknown (ancient)
Gender: Female
Race: Arweinydd
Height: 4′ 8″
Weight: It would be hazardous to your health to ask.
Hair Color: Translucent White
Eye Color: Bright Green
Occupation: The Middle Sister of the Trine, Arweinydd to the Euphoric world
Date of Birth: Unknown

Zazo was one of the Trine, a group of Arweinydd that acted as the protectors of the Euphoric Realms in the Darkstar Dimension. She is the middle sibling of the group and is the “sister” of Zemi, Zeni and Zerom.After the fall of the Inner Realms at the hands of the Dark Sygnus, and the migration of Zemi’s people to the world known as Runne, the Trine chose to take a more distant stance in the lives of the Earthians they had once guarded. Knowledge about Zazo and her siblings faded in the minds of the people, and she had no real desire to make any connections with the lower, earth creatures. It wasn’t until the fateful battle between Luccious and Zemi, and their mutual defeat, that Zazo became active in the works of the world again. Like most during that time, she was unaware that falling out of the spotlight was part of Zemi’s plan… and she believed her brother to have been completely dismantled and lost. Her one goal became to eliminate all remaining Sygnus essence from their world completely – including the Sygni children in Zemi’s own line.

Though Zazo’s motivation and plans were vast (see “Coming of the Darkstar”), her attempts were met with failure. But through the unfolding of these events, she learned that Zemi Dreigiau was still very much alive and aware… and was now choosing to aid the people of the Blue Planet. Once again, her goals shifted — now not only does she want to see the destruction of any remaining Sygnus essence… but she also wishes to retrieve her wayward brother, bring him back to the Arweinydd Realms, and Remake him into what she believes is a proper Arweinydd.

Unlike her older brothers, Zazo has shown very little interest in connecting herself to the Earthian peoples of the world (with one exception). She views Nefolians, Lunars and humans alike as lesser beings compared to her kind… and has very little qualms in using them to achieve her goals. In fact, it’s her right as an Arweinydd to demand that they serve her. Zazo believes that Zemi’s downfall came about because he catered far too much to the whims of the Earthians and does not plan on making the same mistakes.

Zazo is very goal-oriented. Everything she does is to further her plan to reclaim Zemi and return him to his proper place. It is hard to say if this is due to any true affection on her part or not. Though she has been exposed to Earthian feelings and struggles, she seems to have very little grasp or sympathy for emotions as a whole. She is, however, quite arrogant and self-centered in her standing… which proves that she has picked up something from her involvement with the people of the planet. She can also be quiet chaotic and vicious when the opportunity arises…

The extent of Zazo’s abilities are fairly unknown, though like others of her kind, she has been greatly weakened by the shift in energy away from her home world to the Blue Planet. Zazo has enough power to create her own self-energized Pocket Dimension, where she tends to remain. However, in the beginning, her ability to reach beyond this dimension was somewhat limited. So she enlisted one unwilling servant to do her bidding…

Zazo takes the form of a giant wolf, though it’s unknown at this point if that is the only form she can obtain.

Everything written about Earthians above has one exception…

REAL Arweinydd don’t need petty physical-realm trinkets!