You Shouldn't Have Done That...

Random blog post because this creepy story has been on my mind for days.

It started when Syn sent me a link to Kotaku’s “The Haunting Of A Majora’s Mask Cartridge” article.  A guy with the scree name of “Jadusable” picks up a “haunted” copy of Majora’s Mask (by a kid named “Ben,” no less) and the insanity begins. I poked around a bit, clicked the link… skipped the text and watched the first video. Holy crap! This is freaky stuff! Gave me the chills to watch it (almost afraid to post this up… you know… just in case…)

I went back and READ the whole thing and wow… I have to say that even if it’s not real, it’s a fun urban ghost story for geeky gamers that probably has made Internet history. I followed the developments of this story from a “Creepypasta” into a full-blow ARG (Alternate Reality Game) and it had me on the edge for days.

If you have time to burn and want to get creeped out, take the plunge.

You Shouldn’t Have Done That Website

(Updated 10-21-10 with new website and full story)