From the Authors (it’ll be short, I promise!)

You are about to stumble into the Wayrift, a  webcomic based on the merging of two fantasy worlds, written by long-time friends Aywren and Syntyche. The foundation of this story grew out of the classic SNES version of  “Final Fantasy IV.” However, characterizations, locations, concepts, plots and many characters are completely original. So this is  not as much of a “fan” comic as it is an exploration and inspired work.

Wayrift has been online for over a decade, so you will see a major shift in artwork and style from the early chapters as you read. The Introduction sections through the beginning of Chapter 3 were re-worked in 2004 to help clarify the story and update the oldest art. In 2011, Wayrift finally made the shift to full color!

This comic, like most things in life, is a work in progress!

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