Wayrift’s Origins — FFIV

Wayrift is a collaboration work of two Authors, Syn and Aywren, both long-time fans of the original SNES version of the RPG Final Fantasy IV (FFIV). This comic’s roots began as fan work, but soon started to expand beyond that into original storylines and characters. So while these stories are a homage to FFIV, they often deviate into original concepts and backstories.

The Authors work to write stories that do not require prior knowledge of the FFIV universe. However, if you are familiar with FFIV, you’ll likely get more of the “inside” jokes and have a stronger understanding of the places and canon characters.


Note: The characters and stories of Wayrift were developed many years before the FFIV sequel “The After Years,” and do not take into consideration any changes made to the series in the FFIV DS version.