Wayrift’s Two Dimensions

Because Wayrift is written by two Authors, who each created her own story prior to working on Wayrift, this comic deals with inter-dimensional travel. A Wayrift is a portal that creates a doorway across the Infinite Ways into other dimensions.

Wayrift contains two primary dimensions and one “Pocket” dimension:

  • Blue Star Dimension (BS Dimension) – Created by Syn
  • Darkstar Dimension (DS Dimension) – Created by Aywren
  • Borderlands – A Pocket dimension between the two

Because the BS Dimension and DS Dimension are mirrors of each other, Wayrift sometimes includes Dimensional Twins, which are characters that are present in both dimensions. These characters may be almost exactly the same, or very similar… but they can also be very different, depending on alternate histories in the two dimensions.

You can find a chart of dimensional characters here. You can also see the Wayrift main cast page here.