Wayrift will be celebrating its 10th birthday on March 26!

February is here and before you know it, that leads to March, when Wayrift will officially turn 10 years old! That’s right, a whole decade of crazy rifting!

We want to release a new line of stuff for the store — Tshirts, Mugs, Hats, etc — with a special design to celebrate, and we need your help! This year’s contest is a design-a-Tshirt sort of thing with the 10 Year Anniversary as the theme.

Before you dismiss it saying “But I’m not a designer/artist/etc” — hold on! You don’t have to submit art to take part in this contest. And everyone who enters has a chance to win! 

How This Works

We are looking for concept design for a logo or image that represents 10 years of Wayrift.

This can be something as simple as an object (crystal, coat of arms, airship, etc) or can be complex as characters being involved.

We will be choosing one grand prize based on the best concept. I keep stressing concept because this means we’re not looking for an artistic masterpiece (or even art at all). We will be looking for a great idea to transform into our anniversary design.

What you can submit: 

  • Art of any kind (hand drawn, computer, photos, photo manip, sprites, etc)
  • Edited Wayrift art — if you have an idea that includes pictures from current Wayrift pages or artwork from my gallery, feel free to snag it and edit it to fit your idea (you don’t have to draw at all!)
  • Written ideas — type out the concept and describe it well. No art needed since we only need a concept.

More important stuff:

  • Art does not need to be in any special format. We will be recreating and redrawing your concept image in a way that it will work best on a T-shirt, mug, etc.
  • Choose concepts that encompass the whole idea of Wayrift. If characters are involved, choose at least two — one that represents both authors  and or dimensions (ie. Zeb & Tai, Ben & Leona, Kip & Fang, etc).
  • Art should be birthday or anniversary themed and indicate that it’s been 10 Years of Wayrift (or something such). 
  • Know that you give your permission for us to recreate and distribute your concept on our store products. 
  • Do not put your name on your actual entry — in case we decide to do a vote for the best design. If you put your name on your entry, it will be blurred out or removed. Do put your name in your email message, though!
  • If you want to receive a prize, please be sure that you can share your mailing address with me. Get permission from your parents, first, if you need to. You can enter the contest even if you don’t want me to send a prize — just go for the glory of having your design on a Wayrift item! *laugh*

About Winners

Depending on how many entries we get, we may choose three designs we like best and allow the community to vote on the grand prize winner.  Concepts will be judged based on originality,  how well it fits the anniversary/birthday idea and the feasibility of using it as a design on items. So make sure your design is made to be used on a Tshirt and is not too overly complex!

One Grand Prize winner is allowed to choose any item in the Wayrift store (including anniversary items), or a copy of Dreigiau (which will be going out of print soon).

Two runners up will be able to select from other larger prizes, such as mugs, mousepads, hats, posters, Dreigiau books, etc.

In addition to that, seven entries will be selected at random from all who participated. They will receive smaller prizes, such as keychains, buttons, Dreigiau books, etc.

How To Enter

Send your art or writing to my email address at Aywren@sc.rr.com — do not post  your concept design here on this thread. This is just in case we decide to do a vote for the grand prize winner. We’d rather keep the entries secret!

Use the subject line “Wayrift Contest” in your email to let me know what it’s about! This will keep your mail from getting lost in the pit of my inbox. lol

This contest runs from right now (gogogo!) until Sunday night, March 4th. That gives you a whole month to be creative! So, let’s see what you can come up with! All designs will be considered regardless of skill! We will be displaying all designs in an online gallery after the contest conclusion.

I’m excited to see what folks think up — thanks for hanging out with us at Wayrift for a whole decade!

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to clarify.