So I’m in a puzzlement.

I noticed that we started getting new traffic to Wayrift from the webcomic, True Magic. I went to investigate why. It appears that someone very awesome has purchased advertising space for Wayrift on the site!

Edit 10-1-11: This was confirmed — I  have received an email today from the creator of True Magic about gift ad space. smile

Since neither Syn nor I was aware of this, that can only point to some kind soul in our community who has generously not only donated to the True Magic webcomic, but to our own through advertising space (which we very much need, in hopes to get new readers). I’m not asking anyone to step forward — as whoever has done this did so on their own and anonymously. But I did want to send a thanks to whoever was involved in this. smile

Thank you for your generosity, support and for helping to spread the word about Wayrift! It really means a lot to us, more than I can say! Due to the nature of our content, we decide long ago to never ask for monetary support for anything that we do — just seeing your comments, fan work, attendance in LiveStream chats and spreading the word to other potential readers has always been reward enough for us! So, something like this blows me away.

Thanks again, most sincerely! *Luv*