As promised, here is a gallery of all our awesome entries to the Wayrift Dragon Knight Recruitment Contest! I’m going to try to post them in ABC order the best I can and give links where they should be given!

If I have left out your entry by mistake, please, please comment here and leave me a link to your picture! I’ll get it up ASAP!

Thanks to everyone for a fun contest! And thanks to Shikra, again, for the concept!

Carryn – Robyn & Aldrych

DK – NightHawk

DK – Shadow Claw

Gaby – Nieves and Lavinia

Illinia – Hrulash and Garekhen

Jenna – Xander, Nightwing, and Midnight

Maracate – Andrea

NevarAnoi – Scott & Lugos

Rose – Centriel

Rose – Kali Monroe

Shikra – Opacare

Name: Opacare….Meaning – ‘to shade’ (o-pa-car-e…’e’ as in ‘a’ big dragon)

Height: 15 ft. at shoulder (or somewhere close to it…)

Weight: Unknown (He’s scared of scales. )

Rank: New Recruit

Son of Illina the Grey, Opacare was paired soon after hatching with Talon, daughter of Dragoon Lieutenant Commander Aaron, Illina’s rider.

In the few years before the War, Aaron and Illina taught Talon and Opacare what they could of the Code of the Knights.

Sariah, Aaron’s wife and mother to Talon and Derin, was in charge of their chocobo ranch, teaching her children dedication in caring for their chocobos and their land.

Then came the Great War.

With the Dark bent on destroying the greatest force of the Light, it began to take out the Dragoons one by one though raids on their homes.

Illina, Aaron, and Aaron’s wife, Sariah, perished in one such raid, leaving Talon and her brother, Derin, alone. They managed to keep their farm running with much help from Opacare.

Soon after the close of the War, the remaining dragons were exiled to the few reserves in remote regions, far from Baron…far from home.

Amongst tearful goodbyes, the two inseparable siblings decided to sell everything and part ways…Derin leaving for Mysidia to train as a Black Mage, Talon choosing to go into exile with Opacare.

For many years the hardships of exile in barren lands abounding with bandits, outlaws, and other unscrupulous characters, seasoned Opacare and Talon into hardened warriors, yet with the valor of the Knights governing their every action, they were as honorable as the Dragoons of old.

Soon after Talon turned 20, she heard news of an unexpected, yet wondrous, event…the Dragoons were reorganized!

Ecstatic, the two warriors took off, heading toward Baron, to apply for the ranks of the honored Order of The Dragon Knights.

Shikra – Talon 

Thaddman – Nuthain & Draceo

Nuthain’s Bio:
Age: 18 years
favorite color: red
Personality: Kind, quiet, justice seeker, merciful, protector, wise (for his age), Will fight to the death for the right cause.
Personal quote: Those who fail to understand one thing, Fail to understand everything.

When he was very young,Nuthain parents died, One by a dragon the other by the rubble of a castle. He lost them at the age of seven…But he also gained a brother. Lost and afraid he found himself in a dark forest alone…for the moment… Then while sitting a young dragon came upon him, With tears in it’s own eyes from some disaster. In that instance they became linked. They where brothers who would protected each other till the death!

Draceo’s Bio:
Age: 20 years
favorite color: Why do we have to choose one?
Personality: very VERY protective, Loyal to loyal people, Also a seeker of justice, Slow to anger, Patient with humans, Won’t talk to anyone besides Nuthain (and other exceptions),
Personal quote:A eye for a eye makes the hole world blind.

This guys story is much like Nuthain’s. In fact it is his mother that killed Nuthain’s father. But his mother also died fromm the spear of Nuthain’s father. When he found his mother dead he ran into the forest with rivers in his eyes. When he met Nuthain there he instantly vowed to protect this young human from the same fate as his mother.

Thari – Rilsir

Rilsir is a troll of 2.8 meter (9.19 ft.), making him tower even over Zeb in Tyrant armour. His face features his forehead plate that shelters his eyes, which already lie somewhat sunken into his face. He has a piggish nose and a very wide mouth with two tusks. He wears a patchwork armour, made from the best patches of drakeskin he can find. as such, he is always modifying it and wields a bow that is about as large as himself.

Despite this monstrous and fearsome appearance, Rilsir is no raging barbarian or savage hunter. Rather, he is a patient predator that can stalk his prey for days and holds a deep respect for the natural order he finds around himself, wandering the mountains. When he’s not hunting he tends to observe and contemplate this natural order and he can occasionally be philosophical, though as a recluse, few ever benefit from his wisdom.

As a huntsman, he has challenged himself into taming the greatest predators he can find: Drakes (which in my world are smaller, non-sentient versions of dragons). This has brought him into contact with dragons interested in his ‘hobby’. Rilsir considers them to be the epitome of life and would gladly sacrifice himself to save one.

He would come to Baron not so much as a rider, but rather to support the dragons through the ordeals that those stupid humans will undoubtedly put them. As the person likely to be the most familiar with dragon anatomy and holding great knowledge of cures found in nature, he would function as a healer for the dragons, as well as supporting them in any other way. He would be able to ride, if he can find a dragon strong and willing enough to carry him.

He couldn’t care less about the humans riding them, though. His reverence only goes towards the dragons. To humans, he is distant and cold, though he might occasionally throw a few words of his odd form of wisdom their way.

Yllamse – Aeraganon and Jayce

Yllamse – Aeraganon and Jayce

So here’s what Aeraganon looks like. I added Jayce in there so you can get the feel of how large he is in comparison.

He’s a swamp dragon so his toes are webbed, his wings are still usable but shut tight about his body. His limbs are long but he hugs the ground most of the time, unless he’s looking for speed. His claws can grasp for the webbing is not connected from front to back.

He has spike ridges on his back in exception to where his shoulder blades would be.

His breath weapon is Acid and some of his teeth can inject poison. The poison paralyzes his victims and helps with the digestive process.

Grumpy tempered, but has a good heart, Aeraganon was a bit skeptical at first to join up the ranks but found Jayce to be acceptable as a partner.