A HUGE thanks to everyone for submitting your designs to our contest. Again, I’ll say that we had an overwhelming response and the contest was a great success! I made a list that included each participant’s name and placed it in the randomizer, allowing it to choose the top 9 names (blame the site). Here are the randomly drawn winners of the contest! All winners can choose their prizes from the Sygnus Store. Some may instead choose a copy of Dreigiau Book 1.

Grand Prize Winner

  • SMistwolf


Please choose any item in the Wayrift store or a copy of Dreigiau Book 1! Congrats!

Second Prize Winners

  • Shikra
  • NevarAnoi
  • Thari

Please choose any Mug, Mousepad, Button, Magnet, Keychain, Sticker or a copy of Dreigiau Book 1! Congrats!

Third Prize Winners

  • Yllamse
  • Hillary
  • Weomur
  • Kimi
  • Silver

Please choose any Button, Magnet, Keychain, Sticker or a copy of Dreigiau Book 1! Congrats!

I’ll be sending each of you an email sometime today, but you can preempt me if you see this post first. Just email me: Aywren@sc.rr.com and send me your name, address and your choice of prize. I’ll do my best to get everything sent out ASAP! Note that depending on the item you choose, it may take time to print before the item is sent. I’ll email you when I’ve got an order confirmation.

To all who entered, be looking for your submissions to be included in a future chapter of Wayrift. As soon as I can, I’ll create a page that includes all the art and writing submitted to the contest. We have quite a few entries, so this may take some time. smile

Thanks again for everyone who has celebrated our 9th Birthday with us! bigsmile


PS: If you have ideas for non-birthday contests, let us know. We’re willing to host more than one or two of these a year, but just need ideas on what you guys consider fun!