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Benjamin Ya

Golbez Benjamin Ya (Ben) is the Ex-Dark Lord of the Blue Planet from the Darkstar Dimension. Five years after the end of the Crystal War, he returned to the Blue Planet and has taken up residence in the city of Baron ever since. Always on a search of self discovery and a place to belong, once he discovered interdimensional family in the Borderlands, he has chosen to make the Cottage a second home. He is currently attempting to foster a friendship with Leona who now seems to know more secrets about himself than he would allow most people to know.

Comics: 224
Recent Appearance: Ch69 Pg39
First Appearance: Introduction, Pt. 2 Pg. 1

Aiden KluYa

Aiden KluYa is a Lunarian Crystal Master who has spent his lifetime on the Blue Planet. Once cursed to a prison on the Summit of Mt. Ordeals, he has now been released and resides at the Cottage in the Borderlands. Here, he is reconnecting with his long lost family and friends. Underneath his gentle and mild mannered personality, he harbors a deep secret.

Comics: 178
Recent Appearance: Ch69 Pg2
First Appearance: Introduction, Pt. 1 Pg. 6


Zazo was one of the Trine, a group of Arweinydd that acted as the protectors of the Euphoric Realms in the Darkstar Dimension. She is the middle sibling of the group and is the “sister” of Zemi, Zeni and Zerom. She has made several failed attempts to destroy Sygnus and reclaim her brother. Because of her weakened state, she has been forced to rely on the “help” of Earthian servants to carry out her newest developments.

Comics: 154
Recent Appearance: Zazo Diaries Pt5 Pg15
First Appearance: Book 2 Introduction, Page 20

Professor Kory

Professor Kory is a travelling scholar who just happened to have close encounters of the weird kind. His main focus of study was the Red Moon… before it left the Blue Planet’s orbit. Down on his luck with women, he turned his attention towards freeing his long time friend, Aiden KluYa, from the curse of Mt. Ordeals. What he ended up getting, however… was more than he bargained for.

Comics: 154
Recent Appearance: Ch69 Pg2
First Appearance: Introduction, Pt. 1 Pg. 1

Zemi Dreigiau

Zemi Dreigiau was once a Patron Guide of the Euphoric Realms in the Darkstar dimension and is the eldest “brother” of the Trine. Though he has spent much time among the Earthian people, enough to have developed his own sense of emotion and identity, he still has trouble understanding the struggles that the humans of the Blue Planet undergo. His chosen secondary form is that of the Dragon (which he is named after) and he is always ready to show non-Dragon lovers what true Dragons are made of!

Comics: 147
Recent Appearance: Ch68 Pg22
First Appearance: Ch50 Pg15

TsuYa Tai

Tai (TsuYa) has seen the rise and fall of more than one civilization in his lifetime… and his experiences have hardened him in heart, mind and spirit. Once the unwilling Marked Champion of Zerom, he was punished and discarded for his disobedience against his former master only to come under the more sympathetic power of Zemi Dreigiau. But bitterness against the Arweinydd for their past wrongs is still hot within Tai’s soul… and the Dreigiau may have more than he bargained for with his newest “servant.”

Comics: 128
Recent Appearance: Zazo Diaries Pt5 Pg8
First Appearance: Book 2 Introduction, Page 9

Leona Pollendina

Leona Pollendina is the daughter of Master Engineer, Cid. She claims to be a young ace pilot… however her crash record seems to indicate otherwise. She finds simple pleasure in cutting finishing school, playing pranks and annoying the stuffy royal family. She has just recently found herself mixed up in the company of the Master Wizard, Benjamin Ya.

Comics: 102
Recent Appearance: Ch57 Pg19
First Appearance: Introduction, Pt. 2 Pg. 3

DS Cecil Harvey

Cecil Harvey is the young Paladin King of Baron in the Darkstar Dimension. Though he strives to be fair and just in his rulings, he has a lot of doubts and concerns about his once Dark Lord brother, Ben, taking up residence in his castle. He is rather straight-laced and serious in demeanor, coming from his soldier’s upbringing and the responsibility of taking the throne of Baron at such an early age. He is often flustered and overwhelmed when his strange heritage starts to take too much of a forefront in his life.

Comics: 93
Recent Appearance: Ch67 Pg27
First Appearance: Ch8 Pg5


A young Lieutenant and personal guard to BS Cecil.

Comics: 92
Recent Appearance: Ch69 Pg39
First Appearance: Ch50 Pg14


Drake was once a a Lunarian Nullifer with an extreme dislike for dragons, Crystal Masters and Half Lunar abominations. However, time among the humans and a family on the Blue Planet has changed everything. Well... MOST things.

Comics: 70
Recent Appearance: Ch69 Pg39
First Appearance: Ch64 Pg38

Zeb Ya

Golbez “Zeb” Ya is the Ex-Dark Lord Tyrant of the Blue Planet from the Bluestar Dimension. He struggles with the dark ghosts of his past and an uncertain future. The brunt of his anger and resentment are directed towards his father… though it is unknown if this is due to the aftereffects of mind control or of his own true feelings. Though his attacks often seem vicious and unfounded, there may be an inkling of truth to his claims.

Comics: 67
Recent Appearance: Zazo Diaries Pt5 Pg8
First Appearance: Introduction, Pt. 1 Pg. 3

Miran Ya

Wife of KluYa, presumed dead when Zemus came to hunt down KluYa two decades before the Crystal War.

Comics: 57
Recent Appearance: Zazo Diaries Pt5 Pg15
First Appearance: Ch55 Pg40


Comics: 56
Recent Appearance: Zazo Diaries Pt5 Pg14
First Appearance: Ch55 Pg40

Drake Hunter

Drake the Hunter is a Lunarian Nullifer who has an extreme dislike for dragons, Crystal Masters and Half Lunar abominations. He has followed KluYa through time and space to the Blue Planet with the purpose of his elimination. Because he is immune to magic he presents a potent threat against the Ya family.

Comics: 55
Recent Appearance: Ch60 Pg26
First Appearance: Ch30 Pg5


NaTu is son of Kip and ShiKon. The child of two mind mages, he is considered a taboo amongst his people. Generally quiet and mild-mannered, he is also the prized student of FuSoYa. However, as straight-laced as he attempts to be, he can’t always hide his Tu lineage…

Comics: 51
Recent Appearance: Ch56 Pg4
First Appearance: Ch51 Pg7


An Arweinydd and leader of the Others. Little is known of his past, but it’s notable that he appears to be able to take a stable humaniod form.

Comics: 50
Recent Appearance: Ch64 Pg22
First Appearance: Ch58 Pg34


This is the full Sygnus form of the merged Light and Shadow Sygnus-halves. He maintains the knowledge of both the Cecil warrior and the Ben magic user, as well as tapping into the expansive knowledge of the Ways. However, both sides must remain in harmony for the Sygnus to be sustained...

Comics: 41
Recent Appearance: Ch62 Pg20
First Appearance: Ch59 Pg19


Kip O.M.E.G.A. was once a “normal, average” Lunarian who has suffered physical and mental transformation due to biological experimentation. He is a shrewd mind mage, mechanic and technician who prides himself on his skills and cunning. As project O.M.E.G.A., he has been designed with only one goal – the elimination of Golbez (Ben).

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: Ch70 Pg8
First Appearance: Ch30 Pg5

Omakyn Light

A young, good-natured Arweinydd who has a strong curiosity about the Earthians.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: Ch64 Pg25
First Appearance: Ch61 Pg14

FuSoYa (DS)

High Lunarian Sage. He was chosen to guard the Crystal Fortress on the red moon during the Lunarian‘s slumber. He is the son of SoYa and AsaHi, brother to KluYa, and uncle to Golbez Ya and Cecil Harvey.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Ch53 Pg24
First Appearance: Ch51 Pg19


Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Ch66 Pg18
First Appearance: Ch55 Pg16


In training to become a Red Wing, Sarafina strives to finish at the top of her class. She was once in love with Job, but instead dated his younger brother, Junior, after Job's death.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Ch68 Pg16
First Appearance: Book 2 Introduction, Page 10

BS Cecil Harvey

The Half-Lunar Paladin King of Baron, existing in the Blue Star Dimension. Youngest son of Aiden KluYa, brother to Zeb Ya, husband to Rosa.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Ch55 Pg16
First Appearance: Book 2 Introduction, Page 9

Bradhoc Browning

Bradhoc Browning may be the wealthiest individual in Baron, aside from the King. Known for his love of collecting black-market artifacts and his wandering eye for women, he is a man of great resources and influence in many upper class social circles. Whether it is due to the death of his traitorous cousin, Baigan, or some other secretive personal vendetta, Bradhoc holds a deep resent and dislike of the Lunar race. His one major goal is to see Golbez removed from his brother’s side as Baronian royalty… and done away with all together. In his past plots, he’s rubbed elbows with the likes of the Dark Sygnus, Luccious, and Kip OMEGA.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Ch33 Pg3
First Appearance: Ch30 Pg5

BS Kain Highwind

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ch55 Pg29
First Appearance: Ch55 Pg17


DS Dimension: Once a Master of the Manor in Runne, he later became the host for the energies of the Chaotic Arweinydd Zeromus.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ch58 Pg32
First Appearance: Ch52 Pg6

Drake's Wife

She is Drake's wife.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Ch65 Pg25
First Appearance: Ch65 Pg21


Drake and DW’s only daughter. She likes ponies.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Ch65 Pg30
First Appearance: Ch65 Pg26

Chase Wescott

Chase Wescott appears to be a common, everyday Page boy from Baron. Except that he has strange eyes of gold that marks him as being something more than he seems. He is a mature and well-behaved boy for his age and trains hard with the dreams of becoming one of King Cecil’s knights in the service of Baron. His heritage is unknown and he has become the ward under the protection of his close friend, Ben.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch56 Pg5
First Appearance: Ch56 Pg1


Junior's older brother. Served as a soldier in the kingdom of Baron. Died while in service, during the Crystal War.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch65 Pg11
First Appearance: Ch55 Pg14

Cid Pollendina

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Ch31 Pg22
First Appearance: Ch8 Pg5

DS Rosa Harvey

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch31 Pg22

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