Wayrift will be celebrating its 8th birthday on March 26!

How’s Daylight’s Saving Time treating you this year? Meh? Yeah… me, too.

I just wanted to post a few updates about things happening around Wayrift right now. I don’t have everything quite sorted out in my head, so bear with me!

First, some of you may have noticed the quiet migration of the Riftblog back into the Wayrift website. While I loved the layout and feel of the blog, I wasn’t updating it as much as I would have liked for a stand alone site and decided to (once again) combine the blog into Wayrift itself. At this point, I don’t foresee breaking the two up again unless something super profound happens as I’d really like to focus my efforts on building up the base of the Wayrift site into more than just a Webcomic.

I’m also pondering ways to re-start the FigPress section in the future as that was a lot of fun for readers and myself to write to! This will all take a bit of organization and time, so I’ll see how it goes. Just know stuff is slowly in the works for the blog portion of the site.

Also, Wayrift will be celebrating its 8th birthday on March 26! Syn and I have to get together some ideas for what kind of game or contest we want to sponsor. Winners will, as per usual, get a prize from the Sygnus store. Any ideas for contests or games you might think would be fun and easy to run are welcome! bigsmile