updateSo after yesterday’s announcement about switching over the art gallery formats, I’m happy to announce that the galleries are all back online and in order. The nice thing about the new art gallery is that when you click on an image, it gives you the option to post a comment about the artwork! That’s something the old gallery was missing that I didn’t realize was a standard part of WordPress’ gallery system in general.

Hopefully this will help cut down on some of the server strain. Wayrift is a huge site and I have to stay on my toes to make sure that it doesn’t run my host into the ground (or else, they will disable sites to prevent issues for other folks using the same server).

I also went through and deleted a bunch of old blog posts, mostly stuff about fan art updates and other things (that I use my Tumblr for now days).

Yes, the Sygnus.org domain site and Runne is down. I need to work on getting those sorted out. But that will be later tonight, if at all.