This post is half announcement and half looking for your feedback. We hope to hear your thoughts on this! 

Eleven years. It’s been a long time since Syn and I first started developing our figments and the world of Wayrift.

A whole lot has changed since then. The Internet is very different now both in the way people find information and the way they communicate. Gone are the days of the old fan sites where projects like Wayrift were founded.

Final Fantasy IV has changed. The FFIV DS version was the first to alter the original canon that existed in our minds since we were young teens who first picked up the game on the SNES. Then along comes The After and then Dissidia on top of it. Syn and I did our best to continue our projects and not let it discourage us despite the fact that our head canon was pretty much stomped out by all the new developments.

It’s hard for us to try and pass the comic off as something inspired by FFIV since FFIV itself is no longer the same series. We’re both uncertain of who the audience for Wayrift should be — if we try to claim it as FFIV, now it doesn’t fit the new canon. However, there’s too many game references for us to say the work is completely original (though much of it really is).

There’s so much about our worlds and figments we have not even scratched the surface! I wish I could just do a huge mind dump and let you all see the stories that we’ve spun and amazing adventures that our characters have experienced. Who they’ve become! It’s so difficult because the slow pace of a comic doesn’t allow it.

The Nitty Gritty

Now that I’ve ranted that long introduction, I want to talk about what is really on my mind. Syn and I spent a long time discussing Wayrift and the direction we want to take it in for the future. We both agree that we wish there was some way we could distance the original content in Wayrift from FFIV. But that’s easier said than done — how could Cecil no longer be named “Cecil” and Baron no longer be named “Baron,” etc. It’s just not true to our character’s origins, as much as we want to find a way to make it more our own.

We both look back at the archives and see areas where we can greatly improve on the old chapters. We feel the archives are bloated and much of the original old work really needs to be streamlined. We may be actually losing new readers because 1000+ pages is crazy intimidating!

At the same time, we have a lot of plans and great scripts for future chapters we don’t want to abandon. 

We are seriously thinking about reworking the entire first section of Wayrift. Not just redraw the pages. Completely and totally re-write, using what we know about the development of our world and characters today, that we didn’t have 11 years ago.  This means better (color) art, different storylines, better organization (breaking the archive up into smaller pieces).

Note: Old art would be archived for your reading pleasure and no comments lost!

Our Questions to You


  1. How did you originally find Wayrift? 
  2. What makes you continue reading Wayrift?
  3. What could we do better (aside from re-writing the beginning and reorganizing the archives)?
  4. Are you a fan of Final Fantasy IV, or did you play it before reading Wayrift? We just want a gage of how many FFIV players read this work.
  5. If you are a FFIV fan, would it upset you to see Wayrift use less references and move further away from FFIV as a basis of the world and lore?
  6. How do you feel about us reworking the start of the comic, if all of the reworked content is brand new stories and material? Consider it like what all the super hero movies are doing now days. lol
  7. Would you prefer that we concentrate on reworking the old pages first, or would you like for us to alternate reworked content with the current storyline content (example: switching content update focus every other week, or every other month)?
  8. Any other comments are welcome!

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! The more info you can provide, the more help it will be for us!