Wayrift will be celebrating its 9th birthday on March 26!

It’s been a while since we’ve held a “Design” contest, so for the Wayrift’s 9th birthday, we decided to put your creative minds to the test. As some of you may have already figured out, we hope to take Ben and Leona on a trip to the Lunar planet in an upcoming chapter. We’re looking to YOU to design some of the random NPC Lunars that we can use in the comic pages. While these Lunars will probably not have speaking parts, they may show up in walk-on parts in the pages.

Entries for this contest are due by Saturday, March 26 (two weeks from today). Winners will be announced Sunday March 27!

Send all entries to my email address at Aywren@sc.rr.com. Be sure to put “Wayrift Contest” in the subject so I don’t lose it (as I’m apt to do).

***For your entry to be considered, you must follow the racial rules of Lunars in the Darkstar dimension!***

Lunars should be as follows:

  • Young looking, between ages 10-17. The Lunars who live on the new world are mostly children.
  • Have white hair. However, this can be tinted different colors – such as white with blue, purple, pink, yellow, etc. highlights.
  • Have green eyes, often slanty in shape. However, this can be a variation in the color green or lean towards green-blue or green-yellow.
  • Have a name that follows Lunar naming conventions, if you choose to name them. You don’t HAVE to name your Lunar, but if you do, names should be made up of short syllables with capital letters separating each. The last syllable is usually the “last name” or clan name of the Lunar. Examples: FuSoYa, KluYa, ZenToYa, TsuYa, SoYa, ShiKonTu, NaTu, KiNaTu
  • If you create a back story for your Lunar (you don’t have to), keep in mind that all Lunars came from the planet Runne and were part of the school at the Manor. These children escaped on a ship created on KluYa and have slept for hundreds of years in cold sleep on the Red Moon in the Blue Planet’s orbit.

You can create your Lunar with any tools available to you including traditional art tools, paint programs or even online avatar/doll makers. Your entry doesn’t have to be in color.

You may also WRITE a description of your Lunar if you do not wish to draw them. However, I will need as much detail as possible to include them in a future chapter of Wayrift. Know that I’ll take creative liberties based on your description. So don’t expect too much!

If you already have an original character who is a Lunar and fits the Darkstar Lunar racial rules, you may submit them. Just know that they’ll be making a cameo in Wayrift. Be sure to let me know that they are your original character and I’ll note it on the page as well. smile


Note that when you submit the design, you give us at Wayrift permission to use them in a future chapter of Wayrift. You also give permission to post your work in a contest gallery on the website in the future. We can’t say for sure exactly WHEN this chapter will be posted (it depends on scripting, of course.)


Each person who enters the contest will have their name entered into a random drawing for Wayrift prizes. 9 prizes will be awarded randomly, not based on your entry or skill.

1 Grand Prize – Any item in the Wayrift store or a copy of Dreigiau Book 1

3 Second Prizes – Choice of Mug, Mousepad, Button, Magnet, Stickers or a copy of Dreigiau Book 1

5 Third Prizes – Choice of Button, Magnet or Stickers

Note: Before entering, be sure you have permission to give me your shipping address so that I can ship your prize to you. I know some parental units are uneasy about net contacts, and I respect that. I will not share this information with anyone or use it for any untoward purpose (previous Wayrift contest winners can vouch for me!).

Also, if you live outside of the US, yes… you can enter! smile



Here’s some free tools you can use to create your art entry!

GIMP — Like Photoshop, but free.

Dream Avatar Maker — Gaia Online Style

Otaku Avatar Maker — Chibis!

Manga.com Avatar Face Maker

If you have other resources that you’d like to share with Wayrifters, feel free to post links below!


Good luck and have fun designing your Lunar! bigsmile