In celebration of Wayrift’s 8th Birthday, we are pleased to show a sneak peek of an upcoming Wayrift project: the WayWiki. This will be a closed Wiki to the Wayrift Authors where we attempt to document everything we can about the Wayrift worlds. Note- this is just the foundation of this site. And yes, it will be filled with spoilers. ^_~

We are also hosting a treasure hunt/word scramble game! Here’s how it works:

10 treasure chests have been scattered among the pages of the Wayrift website. Note- They will NOT be found on comic or blog pages as there are over 1000 of those, and that’s not really fair. So look on normal, informational pages.

Each treasure chest has a letter associated with it. Once you have found all 10 treasure chests, unscramble the letters to spell out a word.

This word is a term that can be found in the Wayrift Glossary. It is also a hint about who might be one of the next new characters we hope to introduce into Wayrift in the upcoming year.

If you need a hint, here is a short haiku!

Light from the old world
Dragons tremble at the touch
Bears motherly hope.

When you have figured out the word, please fill out the form below to send the answer to me. DO NOT post the answer on any of the pages as this will ruin the fun for everyone.

Each person who answers correctly will be placed in a drawing for one of 8 Wayrift prizes from the Wayrift Store. Please be sure if you enter the game that you are able/allowed to send me your actual postal mail address. I will not share this information with anyone or use it for anything uncouth (I promise), but I will need it in order to send you your prize if you win!

Good luck to everyone and have fun! smile