First of all, I want to thank everyone who has made the past 10 years of Wayrift so much fun and such a success! When Syn and I started working on this comic, we never thought that we’d still be doing this 10 years down the line!

I’ve posted a ton of new anniversary items up in the Zazzle store – from t-shirts to mugs to iPad cases! You’ll find both the new Ben and Leona anniversary designs there to enjoy! Also, everyone has a chance at winning some of the new (or old) Wayrift stuffs with the upcoming promotion contest!

Announcing the Promotion Contest

We don’t usually do contests like this, but since we think 10 years of anything online is a pretty big deal, we wanted to ask folks to help spread the word! We know many of you take part in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, DeviantART, etc). Some of you have your own blogs or websites, too. So we decided to combine the ideas into a contest!

How to Enter

Spread the news about the Wayrift 10th Anniversary any way you please. Each time you do, it’ll count as one entry into the random drawing for Wayrift prizes.

For example, you can post something like this to your Twitter:

#Wayrift #webcomic celebrates 10 years of fantasy fun this week!

Or post something like this to your Facebook:

Wayrift webcomic turns 10 years old this week!

Or make up your own post!

If you have your own blog, feel free to write up a short blurb – it doesn’t have to be long. The only rule is that whatever you post must mention Wayrift and must include the URL address to the site. You can post to as many locations as you like. Forum posts and Facebook groups count as well!

What to Do

  1. Post your entries on the social network, blog, website etc.
  2. Come back here and make a comment on this post telling me where you posted the links – drop me a link to the Twitter/blog/facebook/etc page
  3. Each post you make gives you one entry into the prize drawing. An original blog post or article gives you five entries (because it takes more effort)!

At the end of this week, Saturday March 31, the contest closes.

We’ll tally up the results and put everyone into a drawing for prizes. We’re giving away 10 prizes from the Zazzle store. You can choose between the designs you want, including the new anniversary artwork.

Contest starts now! Please spread the news and let me know where you posted it!