AKA: Tai, Tsu, TsuMe, Dorq
Origin: Nefol, Darkstar Realms
Author: Aywren
Age: Unknown, Appears to be in his early 30s
Gender: Male
Race: Marked Nefolian
Height: 5′
Weight: 138 lbs.
Hair Color: Black with blue highlights
Eye Color: Dark green naturally, Gold as Zemi’s Servant
Occupation: Scythemaster warrior
Date of Birth: September 5th

TsuYa Tai was born to the Old World of Nefol as the youngest son of the High Guide, ZenToYa. He was raised as nobility and has trained from an early age to become a warrior, now proficient in the art of Scythemastery. His younger years were marked with many losses – both his mother and father were absent for most of his childhood leaving him in the care of his older brother, SoYa, and Aunt, Sara. Even during his childhood, Tai had an overly-serious disposition and often held himself apart from his peers, preferring to be left on his own.

His ambitions, arrogance and pride eventually ensnared him in the mind-trap of the Chaotic Arweinydd that would later take the form of Zeromus. Despite a desperate battle for freedom and the struggles of all those who cared for him, Tai was eventually taken and forced to become Zeromus’ Marked Champion… but not before he managed to win the heart of the She-Wolf Arweinydd, Zazo.

Since his enslavement into the Chaos, Tai has been a tool of darkness within Zeromus’ hands. Forced to commit terrible acts against his friends, family and all that he once loved, Tai was placed at the head of Zeromus’ plans and organizations time and again. He was the leader of the Marked Army in Nefol. He acted as Zeromus’ mouthpiece at the head of the Manor upon Runne. Finally, he became the dark General in the Tower of Zot… where he made his last stand in a clash of wills against his Dark Master that cost him everything.

Seeing that Tai had grown traitorous, Zeromus’ new dark army rose up against the Marked Champion… ripped away his position and his wings… then cast him over the edge of the Tower of Zot  to his death. However, they did not count on the fact that Zemi Dreigiau would meddle in the elimination of the traitor…

Years of servitude and darkness have closed Tai’s heart and mind from the world around him. He often appears cold and aloof from others, preferring to be left to himself. Tai has difficulty sorting through his emotions and finds it hard to properly vocalize his feelings – which makes him sound blunt and tactless in his honesty.

His Marked nature also makes it difficult to deal with anger as it can easily build into rage. He will fight viciously at the first sign that someone would try to force him into doing something against his will… and he will bitterly rebuke anyone who tries to cage his freedom after having been a slave to the darkness for so many years.

Tai is a focused individual who is often logical and down-to-earth to a fault. He is not overly fond of the magical or unexplainable and will seek to find a way to reason through even the most unusual situations. Though this often frustrates the hand-wavers around him, it gives him a good tactical mind on the battlefield, one place where he does excel when it comes to relating to (beating up) other people.

On the other hand, Tai is a man who has a deep sense of justice… despite (or maybe because of) the years of darkness and terrible acts he has committed during his servitude. Though he is slow to warm up to other people, he is a fiercely loyal friend and companion once his trust has been earned. His determination and will often border on reckless as he will not easily give up a fight that he truly believes in…

…but only once he learns that there are still things in this world worth fighting for.

-Tai’s natural abilities with blade and magic have been greatly enhanced due to his Marked form. He is gifted with enhanced speed, strength and senses… which he puts to good use in battle.

-He has the Marked ability to confuse and scramble mind powers… his shriek is especially potent, often painful, against mind mages.

-He also possesses a Marked Fear Aura that can cause people to freeze with fear or send them running in terror.

-Tai has retained his wings from his Awakened form, granting him the ability to fly.

Though Zemi has gifted Tai with a human-like appearance, he still retains the form of the Marked Champion of Zeromus…

DuLlafn~ A long-shafted dark scythe that was created and once used by Tai’s father, ZenToYa. Appears to have special properties to help Tai focus his otherwise erratic magics.