Sorry for the poor scan -- this is SO MUCH better IRL!

I’m just gonna repeat what I said on my Tumblr because I’m too brain dead and speechless to write up anything else at the moment.

Sygnus Calendar 2012 – Now with 214% more Golbei!


You are sneaky and freaking amazing!! This is so much WIN that I can’t even express it! You guys need to order yourself a copy if you can just to see how awesome all of the came together.

*laughs* Once I get done drooling over this, I’d love the art that went into this so I can post it all up. No wonder it’s been a quiet December! So much great art went into this!!

*hugs everyone*

The only other thing is… Gaby wrote a really nice message with this but apparently Zazzle could only fit the first paragraph. I wish I knew what the rest of it was supposed to say. : o