golbezThe blog, Back of the Cereal Box, featured an awesome compilation article about the secret origins of video game character names. Imagine Syn’s surprise when she saw that her research on the origins of the name Golbez was sited there (our forums at Sygnus.org got footnoted — too cool!) You’ll have to scroll down some to see it, but it’s a good article, worth the read.

Quoted from the post:

Syntyche, the poster who pointed out the Golbez/Golubaeser connection, also theorizes that Golbez ssentially means “pigeon house,” citing that golub means “pigeon” in Serbian.79 (And it does, and in Croatian Bosnian as well. It also means “dove” in all three languages. Golub is related to the Latin columba, also meaning “dove or pigeon.”) The theory is supported by Wikipedia, which notes that the town of Golubac is sometimes called “the town of doves.”

Nice job, Syn! smile