Note: This is NOT a contest and participation is completely for fun! 

Happy October! Spook Night Cometh! 

Spook Night is the Wayrift equivalent of our Halloween celebration. Since the Authors enjoy the holiday, the Wayrift figments do, too. Figments dress up in costumes, play pranks, host haunted houses and all around have a good time.

In the past, it was a tradition to host a Figment Costume Art thread in the Sygnus forums. For one reason or another, we lost track of that tradition and haven’t done this in years. Since the upload a picture function has been working well in the Wayrift comment section, I decided to revive the tradition and place it in a Wayrift post instead. So here’s what we’ve got!

1- Draw/design your figments in their Spook Night costumes. This can be your figments dressed up as other figments… your figments dressed up as traditional Halloween costumes… your figments cosplaying anime/movies/books/game characters. Whatever you want it to be!

2- Return to this thread and scroll down to the bottom of the comments section.

3- Type out your post and then click the “Choose File” button under the comment text box.

4- Upload your image to your comment and send it like you  normally would.

5- Return here to comment on costumes and see what other people have to say about  yours! 


You have until the stroke of midnight of November 1st! Have fun! 


PS: Here’s an example of one of the old, surviving pictures from the 2005 celebration thread: Ben & Cecil trade armor.