AKA: Kory, Koriro, Korio
Origin: Agart, Blue Star Realms
Author: Syn
Age:Appears to be in his late thirties
Gender: Male
Race: Human, of Eblanse Descent
Height: 5′ 11”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Lead Astronomer, Astro Tower of Agart
Date of Birth: June 15th

Professor Kory is well known to most of the world as the lead researcher at the Astronomical Tower in Agart. Much of his research time up until the near present was spent on the investigation into the mysteries and secrets of the Blooded Moon, until the fateful day that it disappeared into the void of space. While he is considered to be one of the most foremost authorities on the moons and astronomy in general, his obsession with the subject has cost him dearly in his relationships, most visible with that of his wife, who left him shortly before the red moon disappeared into the sky.The reason for this obsession with the stars all stems from the friendship with the Lunarian, KluYa, who first joined Kory on in his early scholarly days as a bondservant. At first Kory thought of KluYa as nothing more than an uneducated savage, offering him passage to Eblana in exchange for assisting him in his research. As time passed, Kory grew close to KluYa, bestowing upon his friend the Earth name of Aiden, and considering him a trusted friend and brave warrior, even if the world were to see them as a nobleman and his rather uncultured assistant.

While Kory was always a touch suspicious of Aiden KluYa’s origins, it would only be after many years, when KluYa was settled in Mysidia, that Kory’s intuitions would lead to the discovery that his friend was truly a creature not of this world. Although at first, the discovery brought fear and distrust to Kory’s heart, he eventually overcame his apprehension, and instead focused on learning as much as he could about the origins of his friend, as well assisting KluYa with the integration and dissemination of Lunar knowledge amongst the nations of humanity.

Even for an absent-minded scholar, Kory is considered eccentric, living upon the fringes of what is considered modern science. To the average stranger, he comes off as brash, overconfident, and arrogant. Females of any humanoid race find him particularly annoying; Kory believes he is nothing less but God’s gift to women. In battle, he is hardly the daring warrior, prone to fainting on the sight of anything that is at the least bit threatening. However, he is highly curious, and often bends the rules of ethics with his friend KluYa, sometimes running studies that are at the least annoying to the party involved.

The few who get to know Kory behind the facade of pridefulness, find that inside, there lies the soul of a very hurt man. Broken by failure after failure in his personal life, Kory secretly yearns for familial stability- something that has eluded the Professor for most of his life.

-Kory is a typical scientist of this age, not specializing in any one area, spending much time dabbling in many fields ranging from alchemy to anthropology. However, he is best known for his research upon the red moon, and is considered to be one of the foremost astronomical specialists on the Blue Planet.
-The Professor spent much time in his youth traveling the Blue Planet, so in general, he has a broad knowledge of many cultural groups across the world.
-Kory is a minor noble in the court of Eblana, his family being a supplier of fine military officers for the castle guard. However, Kory failed at a career in soldiering, and chose a path in academics. For that reason, he sees himself as a “black sheep” amongst his battle-hardened kin.
-He has a knack for creating devices to serve his needs- sometimes working with mages to create simple devices that work with that which is considered mystical energy. However, he is yet to fix his pocketwatch to keep the time right- It is always running too fast, or a bit too slow, if it is running at all.
-However, for combat purposes and such, Kory is a normal human, of moderate build, and of rather cowardly instinct. Magic and weapons work with full effect upon his being. If he fights, Kory uses a short brass colored rapier, of which he is only minimally trained with.
-Kory, being friends with KluYa, is probably the most knowledgeable Earth-man on alien anatomy and powers, however, on some levels, especially dealing with history and culture, his knowledge on Lunarian customs is limited at best.

Kory has very little in the way of secrets, other than the fact that he knows that KluYa and family are alien in origin.

Academy Badge~ A star-shaped golden pendent that Kory wears at the neck of his coat. It is used to indicate that he is a member of the High Council of the Academy of Sciences.
The Great Telescope~ Kory’s telescope is the largest telescope on the Blue Planet, crafted by both himself, and KluYa. Kory uses it to explore and catalog astromonical objects for his research.