Origin: Planet Runne, Darkstar Realms
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Race: Lunar
Height: 4’5″
Weight: 77 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Mind Mage, FuSoYa’s Apprentice
Date of Birth: September 7th

NaTu is the eldest son of two mind mages — KiNaTu (Kip) and ShiKon. He spent his youth growing up on the planet Runne and was taken at an early age by the Manor for training. Because his parentage and abilities were questionable (being the child of two mind mages was considered a frightening possibility), the Manor did more to hinder and restrain his abilities than to train him to his full potential.

During the destruction of Runne,  NaTu was one of the survivors who escaped on the Lunar ship. However, the price he paid for his escape was the loss of both of his parents. Like the rest of the Lunars, NaTu remained in cold sleep for immeasurable years, until the Red Moon left the orbit of the Blue Planet and a new world was discovered. Here, he assists FuSoYa in building the new Lunar colony and serves as a Mind Mage apprentice.

NaTu is a serious and polite child, tempered by his teacher, FuSoYa, and by the weight of loss he’s experienced in his lifetime. Though he’s not a social outcast to his people, he is not the most popular of his peers, either. Quiet, proper and reserved, NaTu tends to keep most of his thoughts and feelings to himself. He’s risen to the challenge of creating a new life on the Lunar Colony through learning, self-control and maturity beyond his age.

Though outwardly unblemished, he is extremely sensitive to the feelings of the other Lunars and carries the trauma of the loss of his home and parents with him. From time to time, this manifests in bouts of separation anxiety and a lack of self confidence.

Mind Magery: Being the son of two Mind Mages is enough to set him apart from even the mind mages of the Lunar colony. He has high empathy for the feelings of people around him and has a natural ability to heal mental troubles. His true powers are as of yet untested, though his development was hampered by the meddling of the Manor at an early age.

Arweinydd Affinity: No one really knows why, but NaTu seems to attract and befriend Arweinydd.

Though NaTu is a secretive and private person, he doesn’t actually have any major secrets.

Nothing important of note, other than the fact he tends to wear clothes that contain the diamond symbol of the Tu family.