Just a quickie update to let you know what’s going on the the life of the Authors. As Syn posted on the forum, she’s currently moving many states away from her previous home and starting the undertaking of a brand new job next week. She could use all the well wishing she can get from folks!

I will be traveling down with her to help her out and get her set up. Whether or not I can be moral support is to be determined. We may or may not have access to the Internet for a few, and we’re certainly going to be working hard to purchase furniture and get her new place properly decorated! ^_~

What will that mean for Wayrift? I’m going to do the BEST I can not to miss an update. But I can’t PROMISE that’s going to happen. I’ve set updates for the rest of this week as scheduled. I’ve never used the WordPress Scheduler before, so I hope it works as it should. I’ll be testing it out on Wednesday’s update to see. If all goes well, I SHOULD have updates completely through next week finished and on the auto updater.

However, it’s the week of March 7th that I’m foreseeing a missed update or two. It all depends on when I fly back home and what sort of time I have while I’m there to work on new pages. The worse case scenario is that I’ll take that week off.

On the other hand, we’ll be using that moving time to discuss activities for the Wayrift 9th Year Anniversary coming up on March 26th! As always, we want to hold some sort of contest or game that awards folks prizes from our shop. Also, I’m considering making a copy of the paperback version of Dreigiau Book 1 a possible prize as well.

Thoughts and ideas for the event are welcome! Last year was a rather simple scavenger hunt and the year before was a fun trivia contest. Other thoughts for an event are welcome!