Light Novel Scripts are side stories, old RPs and chat scripts that help to fill in background information and highlight many of the side adventures that we’ve written over the years that wouldn’t normally make it into the actual comic. Of course, the main storyline will always be in the comic… this section is here to supplement it with scenes that would have otherwise been cut.

Once upon a time, when Coming of the Darkstar was a young project, there existed a mailing list (Founded: Mar 26, 1999) of friends and readers — some who are with us still today, some who have since went their own way. January of 2001, we started the second official free-form mailing list RPG.

During this RP, the authors of Wayrift first met and became friends…. it was also during this RP that Ben and Leona first met and became friends. So, though the writing is old, this is the foundation for everything that came later – DarkstarShimmer and Dreigiau.

The timeline is about one year after Darkstar’s end… though this is and is not a prequel to Wayrift. You will see where some of these storylines served as a direct inspiration for future Wayrift chapters. There will be a number of elements in the old RP that carry over and get developed further in the manga.

Beware the old writing and art!