Light Novel Scripts are side stories, old RPs and chat scripts that help to fill in background information and highlight many of the side adventures that we’ve written over the years that wouldn’t normally make it into the actual comic. Of course, the main storyline will always be in the comic… this section is here to supplement it with scenes that would have otherwise been cut.

Once upon a time, when Coming of the Darkstar was a young project, there existed a mailing list (Founded: Mar 26, 1999) of friends and readers — some who are with us still today, some who have since went their own way. January of 2001, we started the second official free-form mailing list RPG.

During this RP, the authors of Wayrift first met and became friends…. it was also during this RP that Ben and Leona first met and became friends. So, though the writing is old, this is the foundation for everything that came later – DarkstarShimmer and Dreigiau.

The timeline is about one year after Darkstar’s end… though this is and is not a prequel to Wayrift. You will see where some of these storylines served as a direct inspiration for future Wayrift chapters. There will be a number of elements in the old RP that carry over and get developed further in the manga.

Beware the old writing and art!

Wayrift Origins: Hun? (Ben)

-Originally posted Jan 30, 2001, Written by Aywren - Ben's reaction to Leona... and other folks join the group standing outside at the crash site. Ben apparently liked dragons quite a bit back then... before he met Zemi, .................... [Syn wrote:...

Wayrift Origins: Entente (Leona)

-Originally posted Jan 29, 2001, Written by Syntyche - We get to hear a little about what Leona thinks about Ben... before she blows his cover. What's new?lol .................... C-Ben was running away from home yet again. And every time, he would leave...

Wayrift Origins: Under the ship… (Ben)

-Originally posted Jan 29, 2001, Written by Aywren - Ben makes his reply to Leona and gets her out from under that ship! .................... [ Written by Syn: She forgot about the promise of not swearing. "For all of Ifrit's Flame! C-c.. Ben! Get me the heck out of...

Wayrift Origins: Under the ship… (Leona)

-Originally posted Jan 29, 2001, Written by Syntyche - Yes, we’ve seen Leona stuck under a ship before, most notably in Chapter 31. This is probably the inspiration for that bit. I believe that there have also been occasions when Ben gets grouchy with Leona in Wayrift...

Wayrift Origins: Outside the Gates of Baron (Ben)

-Originally posted Jan 28, 2001, Written by Aywren - Ben was a good bit more wary back in this time… as you can see by his response to Argithen. A slight hold over from the Darkstar years, maybe? But he was still just as willing to lend a hand when he sees Leona’s...

Wayrift Origins: …iuvenis… (Leona)

-Originally posted Jan 27, 2001, Written by Syntyche - Ben isn’t the only one trying to escape, it seems. Leona’s first post ever… and she was already calling Ben a Spinerat! It was this post that made me first notice Leona’s character and become curious… possibly...

Wayrift Origins: Don’t Look Now (Ben)

Because I had such a good response to my question on posting up Wayrift Light Novel Scripts, I decided to start at the very beginning. So in celebration of posting up Wayrift's 1,000th page today (March 16, 2009), here it is! ~*~Author Notes~*~ Once upon a time, when...

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