AKA: Littlestar, Brat, Shrew
Origin: Baron, Darkstar Realms
Author: Syn
Age: Adolescent
Gender: Female
Race: Human, Baronian
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown, with Red Hints
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Student, Amateur Stunt Pilot
Date of Birth: January 28th

Leona is the daughter of the world-famous airship engineer, Cid Pollendina of Baron. Having grown up without a mother, she lacks the social graces of the typical girl of her caste. Much to the disapproval of her father, she spends much of her time roughhousing with the guys, tinkering, or flying around in her little airframe, the Ankaa.Leona has few friends of her age, spending much of her socializing with Cid’s apprentices in the hangar, or climbing up the trellises near Cecil’s office, making it her duty to make sure he isn’t working too hard. Leona often worries that his royal duties sometimes burden him far too deeply.

As of late, her adventures in stunt piloting have led to her friendship with the Master Wizard, Benjamin Ya. Together they traverse through many distant lands, always finding new discoveries about the world around them, and about the their own natures.

Externally, Leona is generally a strongly grounded and cheerful person, valuing personal liberty and individualism over most anything else. However, she can come off as brash, selfish, and downright irritating, especially when asked to compromise with ideas that conflict with her own. When she loses, or is hurt, she will make the person, and the world around her well-aware of her pain, often digging herself into a deeper hole than she started with.

If that was not enough, Leona is an adolescent facing the difficult transition between childhood and adulthood. In many ways, she is still a child, often acting in reckless ways, throwing temper-tantrums, and pulling pranks at inappropriate places and time. However, her perceptions of friendship, love(?) and self-importance are beginning to mature. While many around her try to provide comfort through the turmoil and struggle she often faces, she remains convinced that she is the only one who quite understands the problems of adolescence.

-Leona is a natural behind the controls of smaller airframes, as she spent her childhood growing up around Baronian hangars. However while she shows aptitude in performing in the sky, her recklessness behind the controls has led to her reputation as the “Green Crash Pilot” of Baron.
-Leona also enjoys fixing and tinkering with machines like her father; concentrating most on modifications and repairs to her own airframe.
-While Leona can hold her own roughousing against the pageboys in the courtyard, she is not a skilled fighter, and in general, holds distrust for magic. She also lacks training in the proper ways of a courtisan, which often worries her father.

Leona has very few secrets of her own; However the fact that she does know Ben, and many of his secrets makes her a valuable target for many others who would like to see the end of the Ya family.

The Ankaa~ Leona’s small, lightweight airframe that was built based on a design that was blueprinted by both her Grandfather and KluYa.

Kung-Foo Achoo~ A popular child’s hero around Baron and the rest of the Blue Planet. Kung Foo Achoo and his band of legendary heroes are often known for saving the world multiple times from a multitude of evil villains. Since Baronian Becky was lost after the first crash, Leona is much more commonly seen carrying around her Kung-Foo Achoo doll.

Old Pilot’s Jacket~ An old, tattered, first-generation Red Wings jacket from the original airship test pilots, passed down from her father on to her. She is commonly seen around Baron wearing both this and her matching set of goggles.