AKA: KiNaTu, Project O.M.E.G.A.
Origin: Runne, Darkstar Realms
Author: Aywren
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Modified Lunarian
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 210lbs.
Hair Color: Black roots which fade to white tips
Eye Color: Inverted Green, Often Glows
Occupation: Servant of Zazo
Date of Birth: He celebrates it on December 15

Kip grew up on the planet Runne, trained under the resistance leader, Master SoYa. He became a skilled Lunarian Mind Mage and Technician who fought as a renegade against the oppressive government faction, the Manor. However, when Runne fell into fiery destruction, Kip lost his wife and child to the tragedy. The pain of this loss still haunts him… and has pushed his already unstable emotional nature towards the edge of psychosis.

He managed to escape the planet’s annihilation and wandered alone under a new name, unknown to the Lunarian colony of the Blue Planet’s moon. He had no connection with his people until he was contacted by the Lunarian named Zemus. Knowing of Kip’s skills, Zemus brought Kip the plans to build the floating fortress of Zot and gave him the position as a General. However, as Kip began to question and seek answers behind Zemus’ motives, he fell out of favor with the Dark Lunar… which led to plans of Kip’s disposal.

Once Zemus no longer had a use for the rebelling Zot General, Kip was handed over to Dr. Lugae for the use of prototype experimentation… and Kip became project “O.M.E.G.A.” Enhanced both physically and mentally, O.M.E.G.A.’s main purpose was to eliminate Golbez should the Dark Lord find a way to free himself from Zemus’ mind control. Kip’s physical features have been altered so much that one can no longer tell his Lunar heritage upon sight. His mind has been twisted, the guilt and pain of his lost family used to torture him endlessly until his will and sanity snapped… and there was soon nothing left to him but the burning drive to fulfill his objective — to destroy Golbez.

Having failed at reaching his goal time and again, Kip has come close to destruction himself. However, a twist of fate has now brought him under control of the Arweinydd Zazo… much to his bitter dismay.

On a general basis, Kip seems to be a relaxed, friendly and light-hearted individual — he is undoubtedly highly clever in mind and extremely quick-witted. However, he possesses a wicked duality in nature — much due to the twisted changes that his mind and body have undergone at the hands of Zemus. The truth of his words are questionable, the stability of his mental processes skewed and the loyalties he offers shaky at best. He seems to only do the things that would most benefit himself… and to further his maddening desire to destroy Golbez.

-He is a powerful mind mage, capable of twisting the will, vision and desires of people around him. He is also naturally adept in illusionary powers.

-He has a dangerously quick mind and has the ability to plan out and implement detailed plots and plans to bend others to his will and accomplish his desires.

-He has knowledge of Lunarian technologies and war making devices — which he uses with little reserve.

-The metal plates that were embedded into his body are made of a powerful and rare metal that give him the ability to draw magical energy and store it for his own use. The downside to this ability is that the power trip can often drive him senseless.

Kip is full of secrets… the nature of his past and the extent of his power is unknown to most people.

Bladed Staff – A short staff fixed with pointed blades on either end. It is magical in nature, made to inflict toxic, flesh-eating wounds upon contact with the enemy.