First, I want to thank everyone for joining us through the day for our LiveStream event! It was tons of fun for Syn and I — I hope you guys had fun and found some inspiration as well!

Since streaming seems to be something people are enjoying, I have set up a new page on the Wayrift site that embeds the LiveStream application. This means that you don’t have to leave the Wayrift site to view the streams or to chat anymore. You can also visit the page and select the “Videos” tab in the top right corner to view past recorded videos right on our site!

One nice thing about this is that the larger viewing and chat area  hopefully ensures that none of LiveStream’s somewhat annoying pop-up ads will cover the videos anymore!  The link in the top page banner has been changed to direct to the Wayrift LiveStream page. We’ll try it out and if it seems to work well, I’d like to keep it!