AKA: The Hunter, Drake Hunter, DreAnWyr
Origin: Fifth Planet(Runne)
Author: Syntyche
Age: Unknown, suspected to be over 1000 years.
Gender: Male
Race: Lunarian
Height: 5′ 8”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color: White with Grey highlights
Eye Color: Hazel-Green
Occupation: Nullifier-Destroyer
Date of Birth: Unknown

Drake is one of the few Lunars who escaped the destruction of the Fifth Planet. Born of a doomed warrior house, he had been left a single mission before the planet fell– to hunt down and eliminate the remainder of the Crystal Masters- namely KluYa. When KluYa descended upon the Blue Planet, little did he know that Drake would follow him through space and time to complete his task.

Being a Lunarian House Warrior, Drake believes that the people of the Blue Planet are nothing more than animals. Even intelligent humans only rank as “pets” in Drake’s mind. However, unlike Zemus, he is not out to destroy humanity. In fact, he would rather see the Lunar people not interfere in the ways of humanity, and therefore keeps out of the general affairs of daily life. Half-Lunars are particularly considered distasteful to Drake, as he considers them nothing more than abominations. He also has a particular hatred for Dragons, as well as those who would interfere with the natural ways of the Blue Planet.

Drake is very single minded in his methodologies, and takes an almost obsessive involvement in his missions and goals, whatever they may be. This makes the hunter nearly impossible to bribe, and leads him to show little mercy to those in the way of his objectives.

Drake’s particular talent is to nullify magical fields. This allows him to cause a spellcaster to no longer be able to command magic. It also extends to a field around him, causing fire spells to snuff, lightning spells to fade away, and wave spells to dissolve into puddles. While spells such as Meteo can be cast before Drake comes into the area, his presence can cause the mage to lose control of the spell, rendering it very dangerous for any spell to go off in his presence.

Drake’s power automatically extends around a small spheroid area around his form, and he can direct his power at a distance to a few targets. However, the fact that he cannot turn his power off means that he cannot use telepathy, nor can any healing magic be used on him. In the Lunarian society, this made him the equivalent of a partial mute-deaf, as Lunars often use mindspeak to communicate.

Created on the Lunar planet for the specific ability to be a weapons specialist, Drake is a very skilled fighter, boasting both skill as well as the extraordinary agility designed into his being. Even KluYa cannot hope to match Drake in straight hand-to-hand. This combined with the magic-nullification ability, makes him an extremely dangerous match for anyone in the Wayrift.

Drake is not the foolish hunter, and is not afraid to flee from situations that seem completely out of his control. He also studies his enemies very carefully. The fact that he knows many of the Ya family weaknesses, makes him a particularly deadly enemy.

None per se, other than he is a Lunar. However, he could care less as to whether people knew what he was.