zemitutorialThanks for checking out this poll! Here’s the idea behind it!

Syn and I have a story concept we’ve been tossing around for a few years (yes, really). We’d like to pursue it, but I don’t have the bandwidth for another full time project (fiction/comic/game), and we need it to be in a format that allows for as much collaboration between us as possible.

After mulling it over a while, it came to me that maybe we can post it in the most basic script format. This would allow us to produce a quick, collaborative work between the two of us, in an easy to read style.

What do I mean by “Script” format?

If you look below any Wayrift comic, you’ll see the original script that Syn and I wrote. This is the format that I am suggesting, with perhaps some illustrations throughout.

Please vote and feel free to leave comments on your thoughts about this! Thanks for your time!


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