Dragon Knight Recruitment Poster by Shikra

Hear ye! Hear ye! Wayrift is holding an end of summer mini-contest, so break out your creativity! bigsmile

Shikra designed the above recruitment poster and I liked it so much, I decided to turn it into an art contest. The Dragon Knights (Dragoons) of the BS world have nearly faded away with Kain being one of the last Dragoons still in Baron. However, after meeting with the Dragons of the BS realms, Zemi is determined to try and change that! Though we haven’t gotten to this point in Wayrift’s story yet, one of his goals will be to reinstate the Dragon Knights, a dragon-riding troop also known as the Dragoons of Baron.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the ranks? smile

Entries – Due September 8

As the poster states above, send your entry in as art —  design your fledgling Dragoon rider, a BS dragon looking for a rider… or both! You’ve got a month to work on it (as I know some folks are heading back to school soon).

Art will be taken in any format. You can draw it, paint it, sprite it, photo manipulate it. However you want! Winners won’t be chosen based on how “good” the work is, so have fun with it. Everyone has a chance to win a prize!

You can upload your entry to your Deviant Art account and link it here. You can upload the image to any image hosting site and link it here. You can email it to me if you prefer. However you want to do it. Again, it’s for fun, so show off those entries!


I’m going to wait and see what sort of interest we have in this contest before I decide on the number of prizes given out.  I’m considering giving away free copies of Dreigiau Book 2 (Or Book 1, if you don’t have it) seeing that’s dragon related and was just released last month. This is all to be determined on participation, but there WILL be prizes given! Our design a Lunar contest has many more entries than I expected, so you guys might just surprise me! ^_~

Dragoon designs will probably not be used in Wayrift as we haven’t gotten that far along in the story to actually implement these designs. However, I’ll never say never! ^_~