Thank you to everyone who entered our Dragon Knight Recruitment Mini-Contest! The Dragon Knights of Baron appreciate your figments rising to the call! All of the entries were very awesome and I’m going to work on creating a gallery post to show them all off soon!

The name of all artists were placed in a Randomizer list and the following four people were chosen to receive prizes! Note, this was completely random and not based on the entry or skill level.

  • Illinia
  • Rose
  • Maracate
  • Gaby

If you are a winner, congrats! Please choose whether you would like a free copy of Dreigiau Book 1 or Book 2!

I will need  your name and shipping address in order to ship your prize to you, so please contact me with this information at my email address: .

Thanks again to all of our entries! And thanks to Shikra for creating the poster and idea of the contest!

As Wayrift nears our 10th anniversary next year, we’ll be hosting more contests — likely a design contest, for one. So be on the lookout!