For the New Reader


Wayrift has been around for quite a while (since 2001). That means we have a pretty large archive!

This section is here to help a new reader get caught up to the current storyline quickly.



book2A good way to do this is review the Wayrift Book 1 Chapter Overviews, which details the first 50 chapters. You can read the old chapters if you’d like, or simply jump into Book 2 after getting an idea of the overview.


About Wayrift Book 2

Book 2 takes place a few months following the end of Book 1. The Introduction will fill you in on a bit of what’s been happening in the meantime. You can expect to meet a number of new characters and visit  new places in the upcoming chapters. And just as before, we’ll continue to explore the secrets and stories of the current figment cast.

Art Changes

Wayrift continues to be a work in progress in terms of style and artwork. Having announced our intentions to go full color in the last chapter of Book 1, we are doing our best to continue into Book 2.

Another thing that I want to focus on as an artist is matching characters more closely with their original concepts. Some characters, such as Leona, Junior and Drake, may see a change in art style as I work to better match Syn’s designs for them. It may look a little odd after seeing characters certain way for such a long time, but I’m working on making a transition to draw them all more correctly. I feel these small changes provide more variation and help make the characters more unique. So hang in there with me while I work on learning new tricks and styles.

Our Thank You!

Book 1 of Wayrift had exactly 1,400 pages — I know, strange, huh? I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported our projects for nearly a decade. Whether you’re an old timer or a new comer, you are all very special to us! Thank you for reading, commenting, voting and joining our LiveStreams.