Cecil: *standing off to one side with a very very stern expression on his face, talking to Cid*

Leona: WHOOOOOA! The old Flyboy is out in public… with Dad! *runs out to them* Heeeeey! Daaaaadddy! Ceeeeecil!

Cecil Harvey — Ben’s over-serious younger brother… and the King of Baron. Having known Cid as a father figure since he was very young, Cecil is also like an older brother to Leona. Despite his position as King, he still has a pretty relaxed and informal relationship with Cid and Leona in particular. Leona calls him “Flyboy” in reference to his love of piloting airships.

Cid Pollendina — Leona’s father and the Chief Engineer of Baron. He also acted a father figure to Cecil, Rosa and Kain as they were growing up. Cid is particularly sympathetic and kind to Ben because Cid knew him as a child… before he became Golbez. Ben, however, doesn’t remember this.