Location: Flashback Memory/BS Dimension, Baron

Job: Oh man, that’s two bestings in one day! You’re really off your game lately Cecil! Too much Rosa on the brain?

BSC: *groans*

Job: *shares the sandwich with Junior* : T

-End of Flashback-

Junior: You’re right Sarafina. *thoughtful* I’m gonna come back with some evidence. I’ll best that old Mad King and he’ll have to answer for it! But first, could you hand me that scrubbrush over there? *points down*

Sarafina: Sure. Just let me– *dragon runs by* AH!!


Kain: Waaait! Bluuuue!

Blue: The son of the Silver dragon, Blue is a young dragon who has been raised by the Baronian humans since he was hatched. Young and playful, he doesn’t always take Kain’s lessons as seriously as he should. He doesn’t seem to realize the reputation of all dragons rests on his shoulders.