-Meanwhile, at the Front Gates of the Crystal Palace…-

LuReSe (LRS): NaTu, why don’t you be a bud and take my shift for me?

NaTu: Sorry. I spent all morning sorting the library books again. I’m done for the day.

LRS: *sighs* Come on, just have a few hours left.

NaTu: Then it’s not going to kill you to finish it up.

LRS: It’s not like standing here is doing anything construtive. Master Fu’s all about building character and blah-blah-blah. *rolls his eyes* I think it’s just an excuse… he has it out for me.

NaTu: Why? What did you do?

LRS: How should I know? This IS Master Fu.


NaTu: The son of Kip and ShiKon. The child of two mind mages, he is considered a taboo amongst his people. Generally quiet and mild-mannered, he is also the prized student of FuSoYa. However, as straight-laced as he attempts to be, he can’t always hide his Tu lineage…