-A little while later…-

Ben: *trying to open the rift in the potty*

Kain: *comes and knocks on the door, a little drunk* I need to goooo…

Ben: Uh… just-just a minute!

Kory: Hurry!

Kain: *sees the light from the rift under the door crack* Cecilllll? Is that yoooou? Hurrry up with yourrrr paladinnnnly duties, willya?

Leona: *tries to imitate Cecil* Kain! Go away! It’s not my fault you don’t have a girlfriend!

Kain: What???

Leona: |:< Maybe if you washed your clothes and bathed more than once a week, you might have a chance. *pauses* Then again, maybe not.

Kain: HEY! Who’s in there? *pounding on the door*