-The shadowy figure tugs on one of the thick ropes hanging from the ceiling, pulling open one set of curtains, letting in some light — Bradhoc Browning sits there, a red hand print from the Secretary’s slap across his face-

Bradhoc: OMEGA…. so it really is you. I heard that you had been defeated.

Kip: Nah… nah… *funny look at the slap mark* Sorry about your change in… staff.

Bradhoc: It’s not a big deal. I like brunettes better anyhow.

Drake: <: . *looks at Bradhoc… looking closer at the nose and starts making finger measurements of the size*

Bradhoc: *eyes Drake* And… who is your friend?

Drake: A hunter. A hunter of abominations… the sons of KluYa.


Bradhoc Browning — He may be the wealthiest individual in Baron, aside from the King. Known for his love of collecting black-market artifacts and his wandering eye for women, he is a man of great resources and influence in many upper class social circles. Whether it is due to the death of his traitorous cousin, Baigan, or some other secretive personal vendetta, Bradhoc holds a deep resent and dislike of the Lunar race. His one major goal is to see Golbez removed from his brother’s side as Baronian royalty… and done away with all together. In his past plots, he’s rubbed elbows with the likes of the Dark Sygnus, Luccious, and Kip OMEGA.