Origin: Baron, Darkstar Realms
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 4’1″
Weight: 52 lbs.
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Baronian Page, Watcher
Date of Birth: March 21st

Chase began as nothing more than a common orphaned peasant boy who was training as a page in Baron Castle. Due to rumors dealing with his special abilities as a Watcher, he was chosen to be Ben’s servant and guide during the Master Wizard’s stay in Baron.The boy remained at Ben’s side during the journeys and battles up until the Coming of the Darkstar. It was during this time that Chase’s true origins were hinted at – that he was once known by the name of “Aur”. However, very little information was given about this… and Chase seems to have no memory of his previous identity. After returning to Baron upon the final victory, Ben chose to take up guardianship of Chase, making the boy his adopted son.

As it would turn out, this all came about through more than mere chance…

Chase is an extremely well-behaved child. Due to the fact that he grew up as an orphan, he is very independent minded… and tends to take care of Ben more than vice versa. He is highly fond of his adoptive father and works very hard to help Ben understand life as it is for humans on a day to day basis. He is also very loyal to the Baronian Crown and one day wishes to follow in Cecil’s footsteps and become a great Knight for the kingdom.

Chase is sometimes an over-serious child with knowledge well beyond his years. Though he is outwardly open and friendly, he carries himself in a way that often makes ordinary people uncomfortable in his presence. It is for this reason he does not tend to have any friends that are his own age – with the exception of Seshiru.

-Watcher: Chase’s golden eyes are a mark of one who has the ability to see the truth in all things. This often gets him in trouble due to the fact he has not yet learned that sometimes the truth is better left unspoken… It is also not a fool-proof ability as the truth he sees can sometimes be biased due to his limited and child-like perceptions.

Chase is a reawakened child-form of the identity once known as “Aur”. In his previous life, Aur was a Watcher and human-servant of Zemi Dreigiau. He was used to infiltrate the Tower of Zot and eventually became Ben’s best friend during their teen-aged years. However, due to the effects of Zemus’ powers upon Ben’s memory, Ben does not remember nor recognize who Chase/Aur is… yet.

Pocket Knife~ A normal, everyday pocket knife. It was a gift to Chase from Cecil on his 9th birthday.