AKA: Meow-Mix
Origin: Mysidia, Darkstar Realms
Author: Aywren
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human-Lunar
Height: 5′ 9”
Weight: 158 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Paladin King of Baron
Date of Birth: October 14th

Cecil is Golbez’s brother, the youngest son of KluYa, and is of Half Lunar, Half Human blood. At the age of 2, a terrible and fatal attack came upon his family that left him an orphan in the Kingdom of Baron. There he grew up, unaware of the truth of his heritage and his family’s past. At a very young age Cecil displayed stunning skill when training with a sword and this won him notice with the King of Baron who set him along the path of becoming a Dark Knight. By the young age of 19, he had earned the esteemed position as Captain of the Baronian Airfleet – the Red Wings.Though the King of Baron became somewhat the nearest thing to a distant father-figure that Cecil had in his boyhood, he was closest in relation to Cid Pollendina – Baron’s Chief Airship Engineer. Cecil’s love of airships and pilots drew him daily to the Pollendina household where he lovingly took up big-brother duties for Cid’s young daughter Leona.

Cecil’s best childhood friends were Kain Highwind and Rosa Farrell. Though their paths of training led them vastly separate ways – Kain became a Dragoon where Rosa became a White Mage – the three of them remained close throughout their teenage years.

The Crystal War shattered all peace and normality that Cecil had found in his younger years. Refusing to take further part in sudden bouts of massacre and thievery in the name of Baron, the Dark Knight was banished from the kingdom — an event that would unknowingly change Cecil’s life forever.

Swept up in the currents of chaos, he found himself suddenly locked within the heart of a terrible war of light and darkness. During this quest, Cecil was transformed from the frightening Dark Knight into the Holy Paladin, a champion of the light. It was also during the war that he discovered the truth behind his heritage and the identity of the remaining members of his family – namely his brother Golbez.

After successfully defeating the source of darkness – Zeromus – Cecil and his companions returned to their homes as highly celebrated heroes. It was then that the Paladin took up the throne of the Kingdom of Baron and married his long-time love, Rosa.

Seems like a pretty fairy-tale ending… that is… until five years later Golbez –his brother and former enemy — returns to once more turn Baron (and his peaceful life) upside down…

Growing up as an orphan has given Cecil a sense of self-responsibility and seriousness even from an early age. This has only been magnified by the fact that as a Paladin and King, he now considers himself absolutely accountable for everything that happens in his Kingdom. Stringent training as a Dark Knight has also contributed to his sternly controlled outer demeanor. There’s not too much that Cecil allows to slip past his emotional barrier to the outside world.

Cecil has never been very comfortable with the concept of magic – especially destructive “Black Magic”. The knowledge of his half-alien heritage comes to him skeptically at best. Though he holds some curiosity on the matter, there are simply a lot of things that he’d rather not know about and many things he treats with absolute denial.

The issue of his brother, Golbez, is a big one to him. There is still a large amount of distrust and uncertainty in how the ex-Dark Lord should be dealt with.

This is not to say that Cecil doesn’t have a softer, gentler side to him. Or a sense of humor. He has both. But these are things only shared with a very limited number of people.

~Cecil is most renowned for his uncanny mastery of swordsmanship. There are very few, if any, warriors who would desire to lock blades with the Paladin King of Baron.

~Though Cecil is not overjoyed with the concept of magic as a whole, he does possess minor Holy and Healing magics granted to him upon his transformation into a Paladin.

~Cecil’s skills as an airship pilot are a good deal above average and he adores working with and flying ships of all makes and kinds.

~His dreams sometimes bring warning of things that may happen in the future.

~He has a Paladin’s sense that can pick out the feelings of good and evil in individuals and creatures.

Like his brother, Ben, Cecil was involved in the initial transformation of the being Sygnus. Standing as the balance of Light in that equation, it is unknown what future powers or skills may be granted to him through this. As of yet, however, Cecil tends to totally deny that such a thing might be able to manifest within him again…

Legend (Crystal Blade)~ Cecil’s primary sword of choice. It holds powerful soul magic, the twin to Onyx, Darkblade, created by KluYa. The spirit of the Paladin flows in this holy blade, and it cannot be used to harm, only to protect. It holds great destructive magics against things of pure evil and undead creatures. Inscribed upon the blade is the Mysidian Legend.