AKA: Ben, Benny, Spinerat
Origin: Mysidia, Darkstar Realms
Author: Aywren
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human-Lunar
Height: 6′ 9”
Weight: 278 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Master of the Infinite Ways, Wizard of Dark Arts
Date of Birth: March 2nd

Ben is Cecil’s brother, the eldest son of KluYa, and is of Half Lunar, Half Human blood. He was raised peacefully in Mysidia till the age of 12 when he was taken away from his family by the one called Zeromus. Through years of extreme tourture, testing and training, his young mind and soul were twisted and manipulated even as his natural abilities of the Dark Arts were nurtured and vastly increased. Once his power was fully grown, he became Zeromus’ ultimate weapon, sent down to bring war and destruction to the Blue Planet. During the Crystal Wars, greatest enemy was his brother, Cecil, who battled Ben’s dark powers with the light of the holy Paladin. Eventually, Zeromus’ spell over Ben was shattered at the hand of the powerful Lunarian Sage, FuSoYa. Freed from the power that had once controlled him, Ben took up arms to help destroy Zeromus. Afterwards, he chose to return to his father’s people, the Lunarians, upon the Red Moon, which then left the Earth’s orbit seeking a new home for the people within.

This home was found, a new planet for the Lunarians, on which they now live. However, a twist of fate, Ben was forced to return to the Blue Planet to seek out his brother’s help in the matter of the theft of a powerful Crystal artifact Incrytan. Ultimately, this lead to their joining of forces to battle against a new growing threat to the Blue Planet, and Ben’s first transformation into the entity known as Sygnus. Afterward, Ben returned to the Blue Planet where he remains a silent guardian, watching over Cecil and the kingdom of Baron.

During this time in Baron, by a sort of strange fluke, Ben ended up “helping” Leona Pollendina out of a rather sticky situation. It was through this chance meeting that their paths somehow intertwined, an event that has change his own life in many ways he still has yet to see or understand.

Because of the extreme nature of his past, it seems that much of his early life memories have been confined or erased due to Zeromus’ mindcontrol. In many ways, Ben is not much more emotionally or socially advanced than the boy that was stolen away from his family at the age of 12.

Never having the chance to experience natural adolescence, and having no memory of his childhood, he has little exposure to the basics of Human daily living. First impressions often present him as rather naive, child-like, and absent-minded. Generally, he is a rather shy, yet openly friendly individual, often well liked for his natural fun-loving disposition.

Due to his almost submissive manner and emotional sensitivity, Ben tends to be subjugated to the whims and pressures of others, which leads him to taking a good deal of abuse. However, he is also known for his quick swings of mood, terrible destructive temper, and a dedication to his family and friends that borders on fiercely protective. He often takes up his middle name “Benjamin” with those who know him well and while traveling, preferring to hide his more infamous identity whenever possible.

-A master of the Infinite Ways, the Realms of Space and Time. His abilities grow stronger in the world where all dimensions meet. However the concept of “mastery” of this realm simply comes to mean that he can walk into it and attempt to gather the use of its powers without the common adverse mental/psychological affects that an unschooled individual would experience.

-He is naturally in tune with the elements and ancient powers of soul and spirit, and can use this knowledge to craft unique spells often unknown to magic users of the Blue Planet.

-Has the inborn ability to give life and empower otherwise dead objects.

-Has the ability to manipulate magic once a spell has been cast at him. He can either absorb the spell to empower his defense, or turn the destructive force back on the original caster. However, the more powerful the spell, the more effort it takes to manipulate it. The more times he attempts to turn a number of spells in succession the more of his energy is sapped until he will be too drained to do so. This tends to lend to only individual-based spells. Larger wide-ranged magic (such as Big Bang or Meteo) cannot be manipulated.

-Can learn magics “by ear”… having seen a spell cast once, he can often learn and repeat it.

-Immune to mute and poisons.

-Can sense emotional auras of others around him.

-He is, however, VERY weak against Holy Magics. Though he can use spirit magics, casting it makes him very ill and quite weak, and having it cast upon him (even a little healing spell) brings great pain.

Ben carries within him the dormant seed of the being known as Sygnus — a creature wraped in the power of the Infinite Ways that is said to have strength and knowledge to match that of the members of the Trine. Little is actually known of Sygnus, and Ben greatly fears the thought of bringing upon himself future transformations despite the vast power that is granted to him upon doing so.

Onyx Darkblade~ Lunarian sword forged by KluYa, passed to Ben by FuSoYa. The sword is crafted of pure Soulfire, at extreme polarities to Ben’s dark gifts. It has the ability to call and manipulate spirits that have passed from the living world. Onyx loves to be noticed, often burning with a deep green light and humming when drawn for battle.

Lunar Medallion~ This brilliant green medallion was crafted by Klu Ya. He always wears it close to his heart.