AKA: Craterhead, Kitchenboy, Special K
Origin: Fifth Planet
Author: Syntyche
Age: Unknown, but suspected to be well over a thousand years, most of it spent in cryogenic sleep; For his adventures in the Borderlands, he appears to be in mid-adulthood.
Gender: Male
Race: Lunarian
Height: 5′ 6”
Weight: 90 lbs- However, Aiden appears as a man of average weight for his size. The discrepancy in mass is due to his alien physiology.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Forest Green
Occupation: Crystal Master, however, amongst the normal population, he was only known to run a small fix-it shop.
Date of Birth: Unknown, however he celebrates his birthday on December 20th

Born of a dying world, KluYa and his brethren escaped the destruction and traveled to the Blue Planet. KluYa and his people took shelter on the Blooded Moon, a magical construction where his people could remain in suspended animation, waiting for the cultures and civilizations of the Blue Planet to evolve to a point where coexistence would be possible. For one reason or another, KluYa eventually traveled down to the new world before him in his ship, the Big (Lunar =P ) Whale, spending much time studying, and secretly preparing humankind for the day that the Lunarians would be able to finally awaken, and make a new life for themselves. Although at first he expressed indifference towards humankind, KluYa found himself growing more curious about humanity, and eventually developing a great fondness for the inhabitants. KluYa aided and studied the people of the Blue Planet in often in quiet, posing as the servant to his friend, the Professor Koriro. Eventually, KluYa settled down, making Mysidia his home after falling in love with a human woman. He and his wife eventually had two children, Cecil and Golbez.However, KluYa’s life was not to remain in peace, for he stood in the way of the Dark Lunar Zemus’ plans of genocide against the human race. Diabolical and merciless, Zemus murdered KluYa’s beloved wife, and corrupted the soul of his eldest son Golbez. Although KluYa was able to weaken Zemus, the effort left him split from his body, trapped in the Crystal Cave of Mt. Ordeals.

Being from a world very foreign from the world of the Blue Planet, KluYa is often very inquisitive of the ways of human society. While humans are still developing, he finds them refreshing in comparison to the sterile existance of the Lunarians. Just as much as he enjoys learning, he enjoys teaching, and secretly assisting humans in the advancement of their sciences and arts, careful not to push too much upon the developing minds of the civilizations of the Blue Planet.

While KluYa is often seen as calm, and even-tempered; he is not of endless mental strength, and can be just as prone to anger and rage as his counterparts, especially when harm comes to those who he loves. However, that rage can often be quickly turned against those he loves, and so often, his mind keeps his emotions in check. If there is one thing he dislikes; it is being compared to anything God-like. Aiden KluYa is not a God, or anything close, and bowing to him in any form of worship will only earn you his disdain.

Fatherhood for the Lunarian has been a difficult experience. Growing up without a concept of a father, there is a sense of insecurity in his paternal decisions. A strong sense of guilt lies in KluYa’s heart, as he often feels like a failure in the eyes of his own children, no matter how much reassurance he gets.

-A Master of Interdimensional Magics and Crystal Matrix Construction. He is fairly comfortable in the Infinite Ways, and Rifting.

-Being a Lunar by birth, magic both of the dark and light elemental spheres comes fairly easy to him; he often enjoys combining different effects of these spells to produce new results. However, much of his real inner potential power remains locked within.

-KluYa, however by nature is not a mage, but rather, an engineer-architect, who uses the natural forces around him to promote development on the Blue Planet. With the help of Professor Kory, he often adapts and enhances existing earth technologies to improve them.

-He is also a fairly skilled pilot, and is comfortable with flight, both intra and interplanetary.

-Trained from childhood, KluYa is also an able warrior and hunter, using the environment around him to his advantage.

-Is highly allergic to alcohol, and also is easily sickened by the most common diseases. Because of his origins on a world far different than the Blue Planet, he is immune to some poisons, but then is also terribly stricken by other things that would not so much as irritate a normal human. KluYa has been known to be brought close to death by a common childhood infection.

-While KluYa is a master at the manipulation of crystals, he is also very highly vunerable to an open attack by them, and things that are made from such. Asking a crystal to reveal his true nature, leads to a very painful change into his “true form”.

The Sj’kudwe~ Short, balanced lightweight pole-weapons of Lunar origin, with sharp crystalline blades at the end. This are KluYa’s primary weapons of choice, however, he is more apt to fight with them reversed, using the blunted ends to disarm, rather than to kill.

Beads~ A set of dark blue beads that was his first gift to his wife, Miran. He wears them wrapped around his arm in rememberance of her love, as symbolically customary of Mysidian culture.