Wayrift is an online webcomic created by two oldskool gamer girls who grew up on the opposite sides of the USA… and just both happened to fall in love with the same video game, Final Fantasy IV, as young teens. Both were interested in the concept of the Lunarian race as portrayed by the original SNES version of the game (back then, we knew it as Final Fantasy II). Both began to develop their own stories and worlds, their own versions of characters like KluYa and Golbez.

Then, as fate would have it, many years later, these two happened to meet online and became best friends. They began exploring each other’s worlds (now called Dimensions), introducing their versions of characters  (now called Figments), and discovering that all sorts of silly/fun/cool plots and storylines emerged in online chat as these elements came together. Before they knew it, a family of figments began to form.

One day, the shorter of the two piped up, “This would really make an interesting online comic!”

And the rest is history.


Who Makes Wayrift?

Aywren (AKA Wren): The shorter of the two. Artist, webmaster and writer — created most of the figments of the Darkstar Dimension.

Jobs: Rough art, inked art, final painting, special effects, scripting for Darkstar figments, script editing, website design and maintenance, nagging weekly reminders to get things done.

Other Projects: Coming of the Darkstar, Dreigiau, RunneShadows of Zot


Syntyche (AKA Syn): The smarter of the two. Artist (she won’t admit it, though), writer and plotmaster — created most of the figments for the Bluestar Dimension, and even plays some from Darkstar.

Jobs: Base paints for pages, scripting for Bluestar figments, plotmaster and storyline weaver, bad guy writer, world builder, BlueYa & Theobez basher, critiques, suggestions and emotional support for emotional artists.

Other Projects: We’re still trying to get her to write her story. Maybe one day.


Where did Wayrift come from?

Wayrift grew out of two fan’s love for the classic SNES version of Final Fantasy IV. Both writers have taken the canon ideas and characters of the Blue Planet and expanded upon them while trying to remain as true to the events of the game as possible. All figments are inspired heavily by the original FFIV script, but have taken on their own lives and identities as the Authors have explored different possibilities and personalities between the two dimensions.

What does this mean in a nutshell?

Our figments are our take on characters from the game. We stick as close to the canon as we can when it comes to what was established in the original version of FFIV. But everything beyond that is free game to develop, change and explore. Ben and Zeb are inspired by Golbez, but their concepts, personalities and ultimate character development belong to the Authors.