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Gender: Female
Age: 30-something
Location: South Carolina, USA
Interests: Fantasy Fiction Writing, Webcomics, Graphic Art, Web Design, Blogging, MMORPGs, Oldskool Video Gaming, Internet, Computers & Technology


I have a degree in professional writing and work full time in educational materials development. At heart, I’m a fiction writer, focusing on the genre of fantasy, as I have been ever since J.R.R. Tolkien’s world captured my imagination as a child.

I have successfully completed eight years of NaNoWriMo and currently have two online net novels:

Coming of the Darkstar — a FFIV-based fan novel that I started writing when I was a young teen, long before net access and the term “fanfiction” was known to me. The story has been a part of my net projects for a decade and has finally found completion on Christmas Day of 2008.

Dreigiau — my original NaNoWriMo fantasy novel, spanning eight years of writing.

Wayrift Blog — My personal writing blog, reflects a conglomeration of all of my favorite hobbies. Includes my thoughts on the art of fiction writing, tips on graphic art, reviews of games, sites and anything else that strikes my fancy, and the chronicles of an oldskooler in the new wave of internet and technology.

Webcomic Artist

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Though my style keeps developing and changing, there’s definitely an anime/manga influence to what I do. If I were pressed to answer what I enjoy drawing best, I would say that the heart of a picture is the emotion it conveys — so character expression and emotion is what I focus on most in all of my work.

I currently have two long-term webcomic projects, both which intermingle with the plotlines and characters of my writing projects listed below.

Wayrift: This black and white manga project was first posted on the net in March of 2001. It now has a pretty massive archive of materials, many characters and lots of friends/readers. It’s updated M/W/F pretty much without fail.

Shimmer: A full color comic that is updated every Wednesday. A little slower in story than Wayrift and a bit more experimental — you’ll see my style change drastically throughout the chapters. This one has also been around for a while and has its share of friends. smile


Guild Wars

I’ve been playing Guild Wars since a few weeks after its release — I did beta it on one of the open beta weekends, too. Syn and I run a guild there called the Wayrifters, which is mostly a group of friends IRL and folks from Sygnus.org.

All of my characters represent figments from my different stories. All of them are at various stages of level 20 with my Dervish being the official Main Character. Working on titles!

Lord of the Rings Online

I played LOTRO starting at the very end of closed beta, on through open beta and the first month or so after retail release. I put it away for a while, just until the Moria expansion. Have been playing off and on ever since.